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Double meter tests | Single meter tests | Extremity tests


  1. All ROM tests can be done in the patients natural weight bearing posture with both single and double meter techniques,
  2. Eliminates examiner placement errors with meters and patient.
  3. Headset meter assembly frees examiners hands for more patient stability.
  4. Even the slightest vertical or horizontal changes are easily and quickly detected.
  5. Rotational tests taken from seated or standing positions.
  6. Separate thoracic or lumbar areas for specific problems.
  7. No meter resetting during test.
  8. Upper and lower extremities and joints can be measured and detect even the slightest change.
  9. Progress easily tracked through treatment.
  10. Meter attachment design assures accurate test readings in less time on THE FIRST TRY.
  11. Easy Read degree dial or protractor scales for angle or line analysis on film.
  12. Position patient to exact degree on initial and comparative views for film interpretation.
  13. Millimeter and inch scales for reading differences.

Petrometer full kit or meter (includes $15 shipping)